Persian Minakari

Dorsa Salehi

Minakari or Enamelling is the art of painting, colouring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colours that are decorated in an intricate design. The Iranian invented the art of enamel or minawork metalcraft and Mughuls spreaded it to India and other countries. Gold has been used traditionally for minakari jewellery as it holds the enamel better, lasts longer and its lustre brings out the colours of the enamels. Silver, a later introduction, is used for artefacts like boxes, bowls, spoons, and art pieces while Copper which is used for handicraft products were introduced only after the Gold Control Act, which compelled the minakars to look for a material other than gold, was enforced around the world.


Maison Termeh will proudly have Persian minawork in the Maison Decor section of the website!