"As a designer it is my duty to not only produce clothes but also provide an identity," says Rafie Khoshbin, an Iranian-American fashion designer. 

Never give up. Follow your passion no matter what and never forget who you are! Rafie Khoshbin is an inspiration to all of us. He has made his dream of becoming a fashion designer despite all the hardships he had gone through in his life. He had to leave his home town at young age because the Iranian government was not acceptance of his Bahá'í religion. But, starting a new life in Virginia has let him explore himself.  

Inspired by the refined Italian tailoring in Florence, Rafie challenged himself by enhancing his hand-sewing techniques, haute couture, and atelier techniques at Virginia Commonwealth University.  

Khoshbin's phenomenal Spring 2016 Collection was on the Qatar runaway show, which fascinated his audience and found his first international customers.  

 Here at Maison Termeh, we believe in new talented designers and it is our pleasure to have Rafie Khoshbin's designer dresses on our Designer Clothing collection!