About Us

Born as an Instagram baby, Maison Termeh is raised in social media and has proven to be an unstoppable force uniting young fashion savvy millennials with quality and environmentally conscious clothing. Toward a fast-growing fashion destination, Maison Termeh is committed on bringing Integrity and pride back to online shopping experience. As an online boutique, we bring exclusive items from different designers from all over the world.

Maison Termeh is inspired by the phenomenal fabric ,Termeh. Termeh is one of the ancient arts of Iran. One reason Termeh is valuable is that the designs are meaningful. The bush design in Termeh (like Paisley) is the symbol of the cedar tree that is bowing to God. Termeh is a very fine and delicate cloth made of warps and woofs. They are made of wool or silk and the designs are original ancient Iranian designs. Weaving Termeh is a sensitive, careful, and time-consuming process. Termeh has been admired throughout history: Greek historians commented on the beauty of Persian weavings in the Achaemenian (532 B.C.), Ashkani (222 B.C.) and Sasanidae (226–641 A.D.) periods and the famous Chinese tourist Hoang Tesang admired Termeh.